Vision & Mission


Our School’s motto is Virtue/Dignity/Purity grace and excellence

The school aims at producing the future leaders of the country, who have sky as the limit and zenith is the bottom.

We aim at producing the citizens of the country, make an effort to leave no stones unturned to find the path of success.

We aim at producing the best of the best mentor, who can motivate the child for his/her lifetime.

We aim at making education a joyful journey, so that a child enjoys his/her tenure/journey of learning.

In short we are a school with a DIFFERENCE!

Our Mission

Provide a safe, stimulating, loving care and attention for your child in a friendly and homely

A quality inclusive learning environment for holistic development of

Provide equal opportunities for each child to develop independence and responsibility for his/her

Cater for your child’s safety, security and well-being.

To ensure the holistic development of the

Opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision making partnership for a better

Highly effective teachers, focused on improving quality education and students’ learning outcomes.

Evidence based practices and mentoring.